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I will show you a a simple trick, you can convert your SO object as playerpref.


Install google drive, dropbox on your local PC and enable sync


An Interface is a contract: The person writing the interface says, “hey, I accept things looking that way”, and the person using the interface says “OK, the class I write looks that way”.

An interface is an empty shell. There are only the signatures of the methods, which implies that the methods do not have a body. The interface can’t do anything. It’s just a pattern.

Abstract classes look a lot like interfaces, but they have something more, You can define a behavior for them. It’s more about a person saying, “these classes should look like that, and they have that in common, so fill in the blanks!”.


Having said all that, it doesn’t mean inheritance should be avoided at all times. In fact, it’s great to use inheritance when dealing with very stable classes on top of small hierarchies. As the hierarchy grows (or variations of classes increase), the hierarchy, however, becomes fragile. And that’s where composition can give you a better design.


So far I have created a nice and smooth third person camera with unity cinemachine .



100 Days of Code Challenge

100 Days of Code Challenge

Business Analysis

Nilimshop RMF Analysis

Data Dashboard

Nilimshop Dashboard

Mukti Path

Government Project

My Vidio Portfolio

My video portfolio

Neon Gunslinger : 2 Player Game

Neon Gunslinger is a fast paced duel shooting 2 player game. Duels gunslinger will tests your accuracy, timing and speed. (Neon Gunslinger is an Extended version of Duel Gunslinger.

Boom Swipe : Arcade Game

Boom Swipe : Arcade Game

Duel Gunslinger : 2 Player Game

Duel Gunslinger is a fast paced duel shooting 2 player game. Duels gunslinger will tests your accuracy, timing and speed.

Cinematic Cut Scenes

Cinematic Cut Scenes

RPG Dialogue System

RPG Dialogue System

Genetic Algorithm with Machine Learning

This is a simple implementation of Genetic Algorithm

Quiz Game Prototype

A quiz game for CEED IT

Boid/Flocking Agent

This is an implementation of Flocking agent.

Captain Blands Space Adventure

Captain Bland’s Space Adventure is inspired by 90s space shooter game. you can feel the spice when you play the game.

Dark Inside

A puzzle platformer prototype made as a project in Software Engineering course.

Dark Proton

Bracket Editor Theme


Tap what you read not what you see.


Free laser effect available on Unity Asset Store

Iso-Metric Single Tap Car Racer

Hudai Kaj kam nai ki kormu

Jolly Jumper

Addictive arcade style game.


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